Saving with 6abc: Things to buy used

August 5, 2013 < p> When is it best to buy new versus new-to you? Here are 5 things you should consider buying used.

1. Cars
Not only are they cheaper, but you save on sales tax and dealership fees too!

2. Jewelry
Pawnshops can be the best place to haggle down a little something sparkly! The best part is, they also take trade-ins, so if you have a piece you never wear, you can also put that towards your purchase.

3. Purses
If you want the hottest designer bag, but you can't swing the retail price, here's your chance. Try ebay, or to scoop up lightly used bags.

4. Baby gear
These are the kinds of items families use for a little while and then when the baby outgrows them, they become dust collectors. Steer clear of items that are more than a couple of years old and be sure to check recalls. However, you can save up to 90% off things like monitors or swings

5. Sporting equipment
Kids outgrow sports, and sporting equipment. You should check garage sales, sporting goods stores, or even online sites like Craigslist to save up to 80%.

6. Wedding Supplies
Many items needed for weddings get used for a few hours... and then either tossed or tucked away forever. Try asking around or checking out

7. Furniture
T'was a time when families handed furniture down through generations. New furniture might be more stylish, but antiques have already stood the test of time.

8. Video Games

Hard core gamers have to have a game the day it comes out... then many of them don't pick it back up once they've conquered it. That's where you can save some bucks.

9. Tools

Buying tools news for the warranty can make some sense... but used tools will more than do the same job and not cost as much. Plus, some brands, like Craftsman for example, offer lifetime warranties.

10. Clothes

Visiting Salvation Army or Goodwill stores in well-to-do areas... but just be sure to seriously look over any garment that you purchase no matter where it is.

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