Fetus discovered at Northampton County restaurant

LOWER SAUCON TWP., Pa. - August 19, 2013

David Rank, the owner of Starter's Pub in Lower Saucon Township, told Action News one of his employees made the discovery at 10:00 a.m. Monday.

She was cleaning a toilet in the women's bathroom, Rank said, and the toilet wasn't flushing properly.

So she asked for help from a co-worker, who came over and lifted the lid to the tank of the toilet.

That's where the human fetus was found.

"We don't know who it is at this point, we don't know any of that stuff," said Rank. "So we don't want to overreact because we don't know why or what happened. Hopefully we'll find out in the next couple of hours."

The fetus was given to law enforcement authorities, and an autopsy is pending.

Action News spoke to several people who live in this quiet community. They say these kinds of things simply never happen around here.

"Any type of situation like this is horrible, no matter what part of the country it's in. But something like that to happen here is highly unusual," said Dennis Aranyos of Upper Saucon Township.

"I mean even if you're desperate, give the baby to somebody. Somebody'll care for it. There are plenty of people who want babies and can't have them," said Sandy Aranyos of Lower Milford.

Restaurant officials say this must have happened some time Sunday night, because the bathrooms are cleaned from top to bottom every day, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary Sunday morning.

Regardless of how or why this happened, Rank had a heartfelt message for the mother.

"Please get in contact with the right people so you don't do anything that could harm you or your family in any way," he said.

The sports-themed bar and restaurant was filled with patrons Sunday night watching the Philadelphia Eagles preseason game on television.

Rank said police are looking at surveillance video for clues.

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