Girl bites would-be kidnapper in Morrisville, Pa. - suspect still loose

MORRISVILLE, Pa. - August 23, 2013

8-year-old Heather Darnell is still understandably upset about what happened in the backyard of her neighbor's home in the 300 block of West Bridge Street in Morrisville on Monday afternoon.

Surveillance cameras on the house captured the attack.

Heather was playing with her 6-year-old brother in the alley when a man drove up, got out, and grabbed her.

"That man come over here," said Heather. Asked what he did, she said, "put his hand on my mouth." Asked what she did, Heather said, "bit him."

Heather bit her attacker's hand as hard as she could and broke free. She ran to her parents. who called police.

"The little girl explains that an older, light-skinned black man grabbed her and put his hand around her mouth and she bit him and punched and fought to get away," said Morrisville Borough Police Officer John Aspromanti.

The surveillance cameras captured the suspect's vehicle driving by about 20 minutes before the attack. Then the video shows the man approaching Heather, a struggle and the girl walking away after she broke free.

Most of the attack happened out of view, behind a tree. You can see Heather running for help as the suspect drove away.

Heather's parents said she is a special needs child, but tough. And they are so glad she did what she did to get away.

"She did what she was supposed to do," said Heather's mother, Christina Darnell. "I am a very proud mom. She did what she had to do and she got out."

"She was taught well by her mother," said Aspromanti. "A brave little girl, yes."

Police believe the suspects may have been driving a newer sedan, possibly tan, possibly a Honda or Acura. If you can identify the car, call Morrisville Borough Police at 215-295-8112.

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