Class offers scenic views from stationary bike

WAYNE, Pa. - September 13, 2013

You can with a spinning class being offered in Wayne, Pennsylvania.

It's called "Fluid Cycling" and it mimics outdoor riding through some of the world's most scenic landscapes.

"We ride through the Grand Canyon, we're in Utah, Wyoming, we climbs along the coast in California," said Shane Duncan of Fluid Cycling. "We have rides through Switzerland, Italy, Germany."

"The ride goes quicker, you are more engaged in it, definitely a plus," said David Curry of Devon, Pa.

And as you hit a hill, you add resistance, making it feel like you're really climbing.

Plus, you 'take the turns' as they come because, unlike many other spinning bikes, this one moves from side to side.

"You will feel it through the core, your obliques, a bit more through glutes, may feel it in hamstrings because you now have a bike you have to work a bit to control," said Duncan.

"It's more of a full body workout than a regular spinning class," said Lauren Leithead of Merion Station, Pa.

Lead instructor Shane Duncan says Fluid Cycling is one of the first in our area to combine virtual videos with side-to-side bikes.

He says you can burn more calories this way, and first time rider Lindsey Pockers believes it.

"You can feel it, everywhere. I am sure I will feel it tomorrow even more!" said Lindsey Pockers of Wynnewood, Pa.

The class is for beginners all the way up to advanced bikers. Classes are 45 minutes.

"Fluid Cycling" officially opens on Monday.

For more information, visit the Fluid Cycling website.

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