Emmaus school board member quits amid criticism for dating teen

EMMAUS, Pa. - October 15, 2013

WFMZ-TV reported Tuesday that Julian Stolz announced his resignation from the East Penn School Board in Emmaus.

His resignation comes a day after he was confronted at a meeting by parents who demanded he step down.

At Monday night's East Penn school board meeting, 25-year-old Stolz came under fire from parents.

They were angered by his relationship with a high school student; a romance that started 5 years ago when he was already on the board.

"Did I have relations with her? No," Stolz said at the meeting. "Did I have a romantic non sexual relationship with her? Yes, I did."

Stolz insists he has done nothing wrong, but an anonymous blog accuses him of having inappropriate relations with underage girls.

The blogger also posted screen grabs of a teens-only website called Teenspot, and Stolz's account on the site was made public this week.

"I had the account from senior year in high school," Stolz said Monday night. "Logging on was a force of habit. I hadn't been logging on for a while."

The blogger shows a screen grab of him asking a 17-year-old girl to text him and also suggests it's where Stolz first met that 15-year-old student.

"I think that it was questionable that I was a school board director at age 20 and dating a 15 year old," Stolz told the meeting. "On the other hand, in the real world, that happens."

Stolz addressed the issue on his own blog by writing: "Her mother knew of our relationship, my age and position and I received her approval. We eventually broke up because, among other things she was an Emmaus High School student and I, of course, a sitting school board director."

Some of the parents at the meeting called him a creep, a monster, a pervert and a sexual predator. Stolz insists he is not a criminal.


The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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