Favado coupon app helps you save on groceries

Nov. 4, 2013

Mindi Cherry, the local blogger behind "Moms Need to Know" is one of 80 money-saving bloggers from across the country who've collaborated on a new app to help you save money while grocery shopping.

She explains, "It's a brand-new app called Favado and what it does is it pulls together all the sales in our local area and lists them all together.You can pull up your stores, you can comparison shop, see what's on sale at each store each week."

The bloggers enter the weekly sale information from just about every local supermarket and drug-store chain -- except, for now, Acme -- into the app, You simply search for the items you need to buy to see where they're on sale.

"You can just go into the app and search peanut butter," Cherry expalins. "And in the Philadelphia area, it'll tell you what Shop Rite has it priced at, what Wegman's, what Giant, you can find where the cheapest place to buy peanut butter is this week."

The app also lets you know where to find coupons for the items you need and stacks the coupons with the sale prices, so you're sure you're getting the best price.

Cherry says, "When you are in the app, you'll see a little paper clip next to the items. That means there's coupons available for it. Just push on the paper clip and it will tell you all the available coupons -- both printable and inserts -- that are available this week."

You email yourself the list, click on the links to print out the coupons and head to the store that will save you the most money.

"We estimte that just by using the app, you can save 50%-75% off your grocery bill each week," Cherry says.

Right now, the app is available for iPhone and Android. An iPad version is expected soon, as is the addition of sales from Acme. Click here to get the app.

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