2-alarm fire inside large home in Buckingham, Pa.

BUCKINGHAM, Pa. - October 22, 2013

Crews were called around 1:15 p.m. for the report of a house fire on the 5700 block of Stoney Hill Road.

"All of the damage is to the third floor. By the time, we got the aerial equipment in place, the fire had broken through the attic, which is good. The fire has self-ventilated. We were able to make access through the first, second, to the attic to put the fire out," Chief Hugh Hager of the Midway Fire Company said.

There was no one at home at the time and officials say they were alerted to the fire by a smoke detection activation system.

Witnesses say when homeowner Clair Risoldi arrived to see what happened, she collapsed on the driveway and had to be assisted.

It took firefighters a little over two hours to put the blaze under control.

Officials say this is the third fire at the mansion in three years.

"I don't know. [The cause of the other fires were] undetermined. That's all I can say, you'll have to ask the fire marshal for any further information on that," Hager said.

The mansion which sits on 10 acres is owned by Carl Risoldi and his wife Claire.

He owns a group of nursery schools and sits on the turnpike commission; she is lawyer and is very prominent in the Bucks County Republican Party who hosts a number of political events at the home.

There are no fire hydrants in the area and firefighters had to have 8 tankers bring in water to the scene.

The fire marshal is trying to determine a cause.

As stated above, the cause of two previous fires were never solved and were deemed undetermined.

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