Local lawmakers to Harrisburg: Keep Route 422 toll-free

OAKS, Pa. - October 24, 2013

They are pushing legislation that would make it more difficult to charge tolls on Route 422.

State lawmakers from the Delaware Valley succeeded in blocking a toll plan 2 years ago. That plan was pushed by a state regional planning commission. With an election year coming up, those same lawmakers are preparing to cut off any new plan that might come down the pike.

"My legislation will require any state highway or any road in this state that would be tolled that the state has a say in, would have to come through a full legislative process," said State Rep. Mike Vereb of Montgomery County.

Action News found not one regular user of Route 422 who was for putting toll booths on this road.

"It's a commuter area, and it would affect people's pockets. And the side roads, the auxiliary roads like Germantown Pike, Ridge Pike, they would just become more congested than they are already," said Diane Krout of Audubon, Pa.

"I think it's a free road. I just don't think . . . who would get the revenue?" said Deb Arnold of Pottstown.

The local lawmakers will push a bill in Harrisburg blocking the creation of any new toll road in the commonwealth unless it is okayed by the state legislature. "Once again we are nearing a political season. Once again people are inquiring about 422. This road is not to be tolled," said State Sen. John Rafferty.

"They're going to make 422 a toll road? Ridge Pike will back up and the rest of the roads in the area that can't sustain the traffic that are on them now will back up even worse," said Greg Barry of Audubon.

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