City employee allegedly draws gun, impersonates sheriff

PHILADELPHIA - October 27, 2013

According to police, 45-year-old Barry Young's tough guy act in a Midas parking lot backfired with not one lie, but two.

Police say on Saturday morning, he was in a Lincoln Navigator, blocking traffic into the store, all while talking on his cell phone.

David Jones, a Midas employee, asked him to pull into the parking lot. Young then allegedly jumped out and pulled a gun.

"He jumped out of his car, pulls a gun on me, tells me he is an off-duty police officer, then he hits me in the face," said Jones.

Jones says the two traded words and he saw Young pull the slide of a semi-automatic weapon on his side.

That's when Jones says he backed away and called 911, reporting part of the Navigator's license plate.

"I thought he was a police officer but there's no police officer that should be acting like that. I knew I had to make a complaint about him," said Jones.

A short time late, police caught up with Young and it was then he allegedly told officers he was a deputy sheriff.

Police say the Navigator did have a Fraternal Order of Police sticker on it but Young is no deputy and certainly not a police officer.

A spokesperson for the sheriff's office confirms that Young works as a clerk but at their main desk on the 100 block of South Broad Street.

Officials say Young has been suspended without pay.

He does, however, have a valid permit to carry a gun.

"If he's pulling a gun on me for being parked wrong who else is he pulling a gun on, he shouldn't be carrying a gun," said Jones.

Young faces six charges including impersonating a police officer and making terroristic threats.

He has since been released on bail. A woman who answered the door at Young's address told Action News that he lived there but wasn't home and she had no comment.

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