Diet Detours sizes up Halloween treats

October 28, 2013

On Halloween kids are going to get several pounds of candy obviously not the healthiest holiday. But registered dietitian Katie Cavuto has some tricks to avoid getting caught in the candy trap.

"Treat it as a holiday. It doesn't need to last three months," said Katie.

She says Trick or Treating with a small bag cuts down on the amount of goodies you'll scoop up, saving on temptation down the road.

And Katie says be mindful that not all candy is created equal.

"What we need to look at is overall calories," she explains.

First up is the battle of the Baby Ruth, which is packed with peanuts, caramel and nougat, versus the Take 5, which also has peanuts and caramel plus pretzels.

Katie says the Take 6 is actually the lowest calorie option, with just 200 calories and 11 grams of fat. The past time favorite Baby Ruth steers you off course with a whopping 280 calories!

Now for Twix versus Kit Kat - two very similar candy bars.

Despite their similarities, Katie warns that the cookie bars don't stack up against each other when it comes to calories, fat and sugar.

"Your Kit Kat is going to come in significantly less in calories."

She says you detour a bit with the Twix, which has 40 more calories.

Moving on to the peanut-buttery Butterfinger against the chewy 100 Grand, which is loaded with caramel and crunchies.

"In the world of crispy candy bars your Butterfinger, with all its peanut buttery goodness, is actually 270 calories."

Putting it in the detour zone.

The 100 Grand has just 190 calories, making it the safer bet.

Katie says, "The thing I like more about the 100 Grand is it actually comes in two pieces so it is easier to eat this in moderation."

But in the zone of moderation, size doesn't always matter. Katie says mini candies could be the biggest trick in our bag of treats.

Take for example two full-sized Reese's Peanut Butter Cups versus 5 minis, which is a serving size.

"Five mini Reese's Cups come in at 220 calories."

That's 10 more than two of the larger cups.

So if you pick the minis you are not doing yourself any favors unless you can hold yourself to one or two.

As for fruity chewy candy lovers, let's take a look at Starburst versus Skittles.

Katie explains, "So we are not as concerned with fat, but sugar tends to be the culprit with our chewy candies."

The Diet Detour here?

"Skittles have three teaspoons more of sugar than the equivalent serving size of Starburst."

Speaking of sugar this was surprising too: Three Musketeers, which you may think they are light and fluffy, but just one has 36 grams of sugar. That is equal to eating two Twinkies!

As for the best candy? In moderation of course, Katie says it the York Peppermint Pattie.

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