Local fans celebrate Phillies 2008 World Series win

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. - October 29, 2013

They are the diehard fans of the Phightin' Phillies gathering Tuesday night to watch Game 5 of the 2008 World Series. The clinching game that brought a title to the city of brotherly love.

"For me it was very near and dear to my heart to try and relive this event that was such a memorable experience," said Derrick Morgan.

Doylestown resident, Derrick Morgan, organized the event. He owns a shop in town called Monkey's Uncle that sell Phillies memorabilia.

"It's been great to relive it," said Jeff Clarke. "So many years before that - the dry years - went to all the games, and the two day layover was torture."

In addition to Monkey's Uncle, the Doylestown book shop donated some books and is selling some of them, like "Worth the Wait the Tales of the 2008 Phillies". All the proceeds from Tuesday night's event are being donated to the St. Jude's Children's Cancer Research Hospital.

"I think the cause is great," said Bob Huether. "We love the Phillies. I get to spend time with friends. We're really glad we found out about it."

Bob Huether moved to Doylestown in 2008 from New Jersey. The magical season captured his heart, and now his loyalties are to the Phillies and not the Yankees.

"They were a different kind of team...regular guys. The Yankees are like what money can buy and these guys were someone you could relate to," said Huether.

"It was just thrilling. We have neighbors that are with us tonight...they were full-fledged plies...it was really great," said Rosemary Huether.

The Phillies have missed out on the playoffs the last couple of years, but the fans are confident the team can get back to their winning ways.

"If the Phillies make the right moves they could be in that same situation next year. This would be great to do again absolutely," said Morgan.

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