Parents charged in North Wales school bus incident

NORTH WALES - November 1, 2013

A couple kids hit me," said Giovanni Gring.

Giovanni was sobbing loudly when he got off the bus at his home on Elm Avenue. His alarmed parents came running.

"His dad saw him get off the bus and he was hysterical like hyperventilating hysterical," said Christina Gring, mother.

Gring says she wanted to know what happened.

The police say she charged onto the bus terrorizing the other kids.

A police report says many of the children were sobbing and that "some of the children hid under the seats while Gring was on the bus."

"I think the kids were scared because I was hysterical. I was crying. I was emotional because Giovanni was emotional but I've never cussed at a kid," said Gring.

Gring says the driver allowed her on the bus to talk to a safety in the back. The driver, Curtis Taylor, denies it.

"I did not permit that lady to go through the bus like she did. I only had one safety there, I certainly would not jeopardize the kids by telling her to go back and talk to the safety," said Taylor.

Gring and her husband Christopher were arrested Monday. She is back with her children after posting $10,000 cash bail.

Christopher remains behind bars because he was on probation for previous offenses.

Gring says she can't believe she ended up in jail for trying to protect her child.

"Our family is so embarrassed. We did nothing wrong except try to find out what happened to our son. We are not terrorists, we're trying to protect our children," said Gring.

In the meantime, Gring has removed her children from the school and will be sending them elsewhere.

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