Give your workout an intensity boost with sand

November 4, 2013

Just like when you go to the beach, it's a bit harder to run on the sand than it is on the street. So that's what a gym in South Jersey is using to help people get results.

It's a full body workout that incorporates an indoor sandpit that is 20 yards long and a gridiron.

Trainer Joey Johnsonbaugh says the idea is to push regular fitness fanatics to train like professional athletes do. After all, the gym - 7 Deuce Sports - is owned by former Eagle Tra Thomas.

"We're kind of letting them see what it is like to train at this level," said Joey Johnsonbaugh.

That's where the sand comes in. It increases intensity.

"It's definitely harder to run in the sand than it is on the ground, so we kind of use that as a resistance," Amy Debye of Shamong, New Jersey told Action News. "Especially when it's wet, just working your legs a bit more, slows down speed, makes you work even harder."

On the ground, there are workouts with sleds and medicine balls. Also, doing squat jumps, pushups and sit-ups. All the while, heart rate monitors check your effort.

Joey says in one class, you can burn up to 800 to 1000 calories, adding that you'll see changes in your body in just a few weeks.

"You'll get lean, increase muscle mass, body fat decreases." Johnsonbaugh added.

Jeff Felt has dropped 10 pounds since he started the class a year and a half ago.

"When you are done you are tired but you are energized at the same time," Felt said. "You are hungry the whole day but it doesn't matter what you eat, you just keep burning calories."

The class is said to be for all levels because you can modify the exercises. However, from Ali Gorman's experience, if you are truly a beginner, you might want to start with another class and work your way up.

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