Former Kraft plant could be closing for good

PHILADELPHIA - November 6, 2013

The plant on Roosevelt Boulevard at Byberry has lived through many names: Nabisco, Kraft, now Mondelez.

Employees say they were called into an emergency meeting on Wednesday and told the plant would likely close. That could mean as many as 300 people could be out of work.

Union President John Lazar explained, "It was more or less a prepared statement that they read from. And he just said that they were exploring the possibility of shutting the Philadelphia facility down because they wanted to sure up their East Coast production."

If the work leaves, so will 275 to 375 jobs.

Nolin Mauer has worked at what was once known as the Kraft Nabisco Plant for 20 years mixing baking goods like Ritz, Oreos and other snacks.

"Everybody is sad, hurt because it's not like they aren't making money hand over foot," said Nolin Maurer.

Maurer added, "Usually when they have a town hall meeting its planned weeks in advance. This one here was the day before; was rumored, then they pulled us in and told us about it."

"We don't know what exactly is going on," said Matt Rockenbach. "They didn't give us any time frame. They just said the Philadelphia bakery will likely be shutting its doors. They don't know when."

Last year, Kraft split into two companies. The plant is now owned by Mondelez International.

Employees have heard rumblings their jobs will be sent outside of the United States to Mexico where their company is building a plant.

"Right now, there is nothing we can do until it ends. Right now they say it's not official, but you know it's going to happen. The jobs are going. It's a shame. It's a shame," said Maurer.

Action News made several attempts to contact Mondelez International for a comment but was unsuccessful.

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