3 Philadelphia Daycare Centers closed by the state

PHILADELPHIA - November 7, 2013

Action News is learning more about the state investigation that prompted the closing the three day care centers in Southwest Philadelphia.

Parents are frantically trying to figure out what to do after three Rising Stars Child Care Center were immediately closed down by the state Wednesday.

The state discovered that the owner of the facility, Hubert Hendricks, has a criminal history that makes him ineligible to own the child care centers.

Hubert was able to open the centers because he admittedly lied on his FBI criminal history and Pennsylvania background check.

The facilities have been in operation since 2007. The shutdown leaves about 400 children displaced.

The Department of Public Welfare issued a statement about the closure.

"The intentional deception and misrepresentation of Mr. Hendricks' criminal history, along with his past convictions for distributing narcotics, creates a clear, immediate and serious danger to the life and health of the children in care at the facilities he owns."

"Mr. Hendrix, while he may have been the owner, he had no direct day-to-day contact with any of the children. He was more of an administrator/CEO, and was hands off with the kids," said Attorney Alexander Giacibetti.

The daycare center's lawyers are hoping to switch ownership from Mr. Hendricks to the centers' actual administrator in hopes of keeping them open.

"If I don't go to work, who's going to pay my rent? Nobody," said Iesha Sanders.

"It's really hard right now trying to figure what to do," said Shavonna Reed.

Many parents tell Action New they think these daycare facilities provide the best care option in their neighborhood.

"They love my kids like family," said Reed.

For now Rising Stars cannot open back up and that has parents struggling to find other alternatives.

Parents looking for help finding daycare for their children can call 215-382-4762.

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