GPS easing colonoscopies for local doctor

DARBY, Pa. - November 10, 2013

ScopeGuide creates a real-time, 3-dimensional image of the shape and configuration of a colonoscope inside a patient's body.

Dr. Steven Lichtenstein, of Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital, says it helps prevent loops, which often form during a colonoscopy.

Those can be very uncomfortable for a patient.

Dr. Lichtenstein says it also maps the polyps and lesions he sees through the scope's camera.

When he spots a lesion, he can accurately note its location.

"That'll help the surgeon, during his surgery, locate the lesion more efficiently. That'll help me if I have to go back in again in a year, to know exactly where that was," says Dr. Lichtenstein.

Dr. Lichtenstein says ScopeGuide can reduce the colonoscopy time, meaning less time under anesthesia.

Right now, only a few hospitals in the area have the ScopeGuide technology.

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