GMA anchor diagnosed with cancer after on-air mammogram

November 11, 2013

With a busy job and two young children, Amy Robach felt she didn't have time to get a mammogram. Then after she was asked to have one on-air, she realized other women may have also been putting theirs off, so she said yes.

Robach explained, "How many other people have put it off as well? I went in to see Robin Roberts and she said, 'You know what Amy? If one life is saved because of early detection, it's all worth it.'"

The mammogram was over in a few minutes, and Robach went on her way. But she was called back later, and over the past few weeks had a series of tests.

Then as she announced today...

"Words I never expected to hear - I was told that I have breast cancer."

Dr. Marisa Weiss of worked with Robach on her initial report, and saw her announcement today.

Dr. Weiss says, "I'm moved by the fact that her first mammogram led to an early diagnosis of breast cancer."

More than 30-percent of the women who should be getting screened for breast cancer aren't, and like Robach, many put it off for other family duties. But Dr. Weiss says women need to protect their most precious gift - their lives, and she applauds Robach for sharing her situation to reach others.

"Her example really does affect and influence other people around the country - go for your mammogram," said Dr. Weiss.

Adding to the importance of testing, Robach said, "I'm so grateful that I got that mammogram that day at GMA."

And just like in many cases, doctors won't know exactly the stage or type of breast cancer until they do surgery.

Robach said she will have a double mastectomy later this week. We, of course, wish her a speedy recovery.

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