Kennett police search for theives targeting phone stores

KENNETT SQUARE, Pa. - November 12, 2013

There was no surveillance video because the burglars took the recorder with them. In fact, police believe the whole job seem carefully planned.

Police say burglars broke into the AT&T store in the 800 block of East Baltimore Pike in Kennett Square in the overnight hours last Wednesday.

Police say they got away with about $40,000, but had to know how to avoid the alarm and motion sensors.

Police believe they picked the lock of the rear door of the empty business next door and cut a hole in the wall of the phone store and entered through the bathroom.

"They bashed the surveillance unit, the camera that we had in the back, plus they stole the surveillance system," said store manager Michael Occhiuzzo.

They used a motorized saw blade to cut two locks off the door and stole everything from the shelves including iPads, 48 iPhones, and Blackberry's leaving only the inexpensive things behind.

"They took all of the equipment that was higher priced, they also knew there was a couple pieces of equipment that were returned items, and they knew not to take them," said Occhiuzzo.

Officials are wondering if it could be an inside job involving an employee.

"As far as with this particular incident, store wise we don't have anything to go on," said Occhiuzzo.

So far, police have no suspects but think it could be connected to a theft ring that has been targeting phone stores up and down the east coast.

Anyone with information is being asked to call the Pennsylvania State Police in Avondale.

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