Police: Serial robbery suspect caught on camera

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November 13, 2013 3:40:47 PM PST
Investigators think a surveillance camera has captured images of a serial robber who has attacked at least 10 people so far in the city.

Officials with the Philadelphia Police Department say the man was caught on camera last month around the time he allegedly robbed a 29 year-old female in Cedar Park.

Investigators tell Action News that on October 14, 2013, at 11:50 am, the victim was robbed along the 5000 block of Hazel Avenue. She told police the suspect approached from behind, threatened her with a gun and demanded money. After getting some cash, police say the suspect tried to drag the woman into a nearby alley but she got away. The suspect ran off and was last seen heading west on Hazel Avenue.

The suspect is described as:

  • Black male with medium complexion
  • 18-20 years old
  • 5'8"-5'10"
  • thin build
  • short hair
  • wearing a red t-shirt, dark colored pants, white sneakers and armed with a handgun.

Police warn that if you see him, you should not approach him. You should call 911 immediately. Or you can send a tip anonymously by calling (215) 686- TIPS (8477) or text a tip to PPD TIP or 773847.

The suspected robber appears to be going after mostly women. Police think he lives in the area. They say he either asks for directions or just flat out tells his victim to give him money. He then pulls his victims into nearby alleys.

Police reports obtained by Action News show that investigators believe the same man is responsible for a series of robberies recently. Those incidents include:

  • On 10/1/13, at 11:32AM, at 700 S. 50th St., the complainant, a 25-year-old man reported that he was approached by an unknown black male who asked for directions and then produced a black handgun.
  • On 10/01/13, at 12:30PM, at 5000 Warrington Ave., a 25-year-old woman reported she was approached by an unknown black male who asked her for directions. The offender pulled a black handgun from his waistband and demanded money. Taken was a wallet with $30, ID and credit cards.
  • On 10/8/13, at 10:44AM, at 5000 Osage Ave., the complainant, reported that an unknown black male walked up to him asked for directions and then walked away. The male came back and pulled a black handgun out of his right pocket and said "Give me your money". The complainant did not have any money so the offender took his cell phone. Male fled on foot towards 51st St.
  • On 10/14/13, at 11:50AM, at 5000 Hazel Ave. a 29-year-old woman reported that an unknown black male came up behind her and grabbed her arm. The male pointed a black handgun at her and demanded her money. Complainant gave her money to the male and he attempted to drag her into a breezeway. Taken was $ 80.00 USC.
  • On 10/15/13, at 12:55AM, at 4900 Cedar Ave., the complainant, a 43-year-old man reports that he was approached by an unknown black male who pulled a black handgun out and demanded his money. The complainant didn't have money and the offender fled.
  • On 10/15/13, at 2:09AM, at 5000 Spruce St., the complainant, 29-year-old woman and two witnesses, report they exited a van when a black male pointed a black handgun at them and demanded money. Compl. dropped her handbag and the offender took it and fled. Taken was $60 USC, ID, credit cards.
  • On 11/2/13, at 4600 Baltimore Ave. at 3:30PM, a 33-year-old woman reports while walking with her friend, 33 W/M, an unknown black male approached them stating, "Give up the goods" while pointing a black handgun at them. Taken was the victim's Apple iPhone. After going through the witnesses bag and throwing it at him the offender told the female victim she was going with him. She started to cry and the offender fled the location on foot.
  • On 11/3/13, at 4800 Larchwood Ave. at 6:05PM, a 21-year-old woman reports while walking with her boyfriend, a 24 W/M, an unknown black male approached them and asked for directions. The offender then pointed a black handgun at them and stated, "give me the money". After going through the complainant's bag and not finding anything of value the offender left the location.