Dozens charged in Camden drug takedown

CAMDEN, N.J. - November 14, 2013

The case include three brothers who allegedly led the operation. Omar Urbina, 39, of Philadelphia and Edwin Urbina, 33, of Pennsauken are in custody. Their brother, Edward Urbina, 34, of Camden, is still at large.

The charges stem from Operation North Pole, Acting Attorney General John Hoffman said. It was a nine month investigation into the network.

According to investigators, the suspects sold hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in heroin and cocaine in the area surrounding 4th and York streets in North Camden.

The Urbina family has allegedly controlled the open-air drug market in that area of Camden for "many years," according to Hoffman.

The brothers allegedly relied on suppliers who obtained drugs from Mexican drug cartels, Hoffman noted.

"This multi-million dollar narcotics syndicate headed by members of the Urbina family allegedly has operated in North Camden for many years, pushing its poison to countless young users and ruling its turf with intimidation and violence," said Hoffman in a written statement.

"Through Operation North Pole, we are putting an end to this criminal dynasty and making the community safer for the good families who live here."

The Attorney General's Office identified the following suspects as:

The Urbina Brothers:

Omar Urbina, 39, of Philadelphia
Edwin Urbina, 33, of Pennsauken
Edward Urbina, 34, of Camden

The Urbinas allegedly relied on multiple suppliers, including:

Rigo Bello, 39, of Camden
Carlos Gonzalez, 35, of Camden
Danny Borges, 36, of Camden

The Urbinas allegedly utilized two supervisors:

Edwin Falcon, 29, of Camden
Eric Serrano Jr., 29, of Camden

A series of "case workers" were allegedly responsible for the day-to-day operations of the street-level "trappers" or dealers:

Heriberto Nunez, 23, of Camden
Alex Santos, 23, of Camden
Shadi Torres, 23, of Camden
Sheron Pulliam, 26, of Camden
Anthony Morris, 24, of Camden
Pedro Colon, 41, of Camden
Daniel D. Mistretta, 22, of Camden
Omar Urbina Jr., 23, of Camden
Andre Russell, 21, of Camden

The following individuals allegedly are street-level runners/ baggers, trappers (dealers), and lookouts:

Isadel Falcon, 27, of Camden
Adamm Castelar, 26, of Camden
Joseph Torres, 21, of Camden
Fuquan Hobgen, 27, of Camden
Ulysses Serrano, 25, of Camden
Adrian Johnson, 21, of Camden
Devon Williams, 25, of Camden
Antwan Saulters, 26, of Camden
Lonnie Reevey, 24, of Camden
Jose Luis Rivera, 39, of Camden
Lahquae St. Juste, 20, of Camden
Rad Stratton, 19, of Camden
Jacob Rodriguez, 19, of Camden
Lamar Soto, 20, of Camden
Tyree Rozier, 22, Pennsauken
Sherrod Jones, 40, of Camden
Eric Caraballo, 45, of Camden
Christopher Anderson, 24, of Camden
William Lincoln, 36, of Sicklerville
Eric Trusty, 20, of Camden
Justin Henry, 26, of Woodbury
Daquan Bowman, 22, of Camden
Taneal Walker-Combs, 20, of Camden
Eduardo Flores, 26, of Camden
Jaymeal Yeldell, 25, of Camden
Adrian Torres, 25, of Darby, Pa.
Jamil Lindsey, 20, of Camden
Kevin Mena Carmona, 25, of Camden
Carlos A. Diaz, 40, of Camden
Juan Garcia, 24, of Camden

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