Human remains found in West Kensington

WEST KENSINGTON - November 15, 2013

The discovery was made in the vicinity of 4th and Westmoreland streets late Friday afternoon.

Crime scene investigators made the gruesome discovery of what is believed to be a human jaw with teeth.

The area was immediately sealed off by police as an active crime scene.

Police had been looking into the disappearance of Reynaldo Torres, who was believed to have been murdered and buried in North Philadelphia.

He was last seen back in May 2012 with 22-year-old Melanie Colon. Colon was shot six times and her body was dumped behind an apartment building in Juniata Park.

Investigators believe that then homicide Detective Ronald Dove had information on the case and others that he did not pass onto the department.

This, because of a possible conflict of interest with someone he was romantically involved with - 33-year-old Erica Sanchez.

Sanchez is now in custody for the stabbing death of her ex-boyfriend Cesar Vera in the 3300 block of the N. 5th Street in Kensington.

Dove was also the investigator in the murder of 45-year-old Leslie Delzingaro.

Back in July 2010, she was shot in a bar owned by the father and uncle of Dove's girlfriend Sanchez. The case was never solved.

It all reads like a complex series of murder mysteries complicated by a homicide detective who may have been trying to throw investigators off course.

All of the cases allegedly had some sort of connection to his girlfriend or her family.

Earlier this month, Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said he had heard enough about Dove and ordered his suspension with intent to dismiss in 30 days.

While that's the case, Dove has not been charged with any crime.

Police continue to investigate.

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