Philadelphia cop helps deliver baby on Broad Street

PHILADELPHIA - November 22, 2013

At the intersection of Broad and Spring Garden the driver flagged down a police officer who came to their rescue, making sure mother and child were safe.

6th District Officer Gary Kustra was able to hold little Sadeem in his arms and talk with his mom, Kimberly, for a second time today - this time at the hospital.

Officer Kustra reflected on the experience saying, "We never know what's going to happen, and this is a good thing."

Kimberly started experiencing labor pains this morning and called the neighborhood cab. Alone in the backseat on the way to the hospital, she knew her fifth child was coming right then and there.

Kim tells us, "As we was riding down Broad Street, I am like, 'Just get me to the nearest hospital!'"

Seconds later Sadeem was born on the backseat. The driver pulled over at Broad and Spring Garden and flagged down Officer Kustra, who happened to be driving by.

"The officer thought I was in labor but I said, 'No, my son is right there," Kimberly explained.

Kustra says, "Kim had just delivered the baby when I opened the door up to the back seat. The baby's head was sideways - off the seat."

"When he came out he was crying then he stopped," said Kim

"And so I immediately scooped the baby up and he was not responding so I had to hold the baby up to clear out the passageways so the baby would start to breathe," tells Kustra.

Sadeem started to cry again - a good sign. Other officers were on the scene by now and they gave the newborn, his mom, and the driver of the car a full police escort the final few blocks to the hospital.

Officer Kustra is a father himself, with two of his own kids. This, of course, was the first time he'd been involved in a delivery quite like this.

"I guess it's all about timing. You never can tell what's going to happen at a given time to be there to help someone else out - that's the pleasure of life."

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