Troops from Delaware National Guard prepare to deploy

NEW CASTLE, Del. - November 22, 2013

A send-off ceremony was held for more than 60 troops, who will be flying out next week for a year of active duty in Kuwait.

However their first stop will be at Fort Hood in Texas for six weeks of training.

In Kuwait, they'll be flying troops, supplies and equipment around the region.

There were hundreds of family members in the audience, proud and patriotic but they know they'll soon be missing their loved ones during the Christmas holiday.

Private Peter Adams and his wife Alysa are newlyweds.

"I'm really nervous for him to go, we just got married last month so it's all kind of new to me," said Alysa.

"I wanted to do it before I left, so she could have a little bit more coverage while I'm gone," said Private Adams.

From the governor were promises to ease the pain as much as possible.

"The entire state of Delaware has your back while your loved one is gone," said Gov. Jack Markell during the ceremony.

For families like the Coopers, experiencing a long deployment for the first time, these are uncharted waters.

"This is my baby boy, so I'm kind of worried but not worried. Hopefully things work out, just looking for the positive in everything," said Kevin Cooper Sr.

"A little fearful of what's going to happen while you're away but at the same time, I'm happy to do it," said Kevin Cooper Jr.

For Captain Tim Sinko, it's hardly his first deployment. This will be his fourth deployment, dating back nearly a quarter of a century to Desert Storm.

"I like what I'm doing, I like working with the other soldiers and it's something that I'm good at," said Capt. Sinko.

"It's different. Your family life changes so it's different every time but it gets a little easier," said Amanda Sinko.

It'll be wheels up for the soldiers right after Thanksgiving Day.

Around this time next year, these soldiers from Delaware's 238th, will return home to their families. All are praying that they all return safe and sound.

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