250 seniors treated to an early Thanksgiving meal

PHILADELPHIA - November 24, 2013

The food for the luncheon at Septa's Market East Station was organized by Marion D'Ambrosio of Tootsie's - but nearly all the Terminal merchants donated food or raffle items for the seniors.

"Here's a way to give back to them, get them out of their homes on a cold winter day for food and fellowship with each other and with us. I just love it," said Paul Steinke, General Manager of Reading Terminal Market.

Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and volunteers from PCA and SEPTA served as waiters and waitresses.

Even former Eagle Hollis Thomas stopped by to spread holiday cheer.

"It's nice seeing people out having a good time. Just because you get a little older doesn't' mean you can't have fun," said Thomas.

The guests of honor certainly seemed to be doing just that.

"I had a silent heart attack but I feel good now. I am thankful, thank God, thank God!" said Hattie Williams.

"It's very, very nice of them to do this for us and God bless them all," said Patricia Canty.

"We have friends and it's a wonderful thing to be able to break bread with friends," said Dottie Conover.

All of which is a very important part of PCA's mission, at the holidays and throughout the year.

"Many seniors, as you might imagine, have lost their spouse, some of their friends or a loved one. This provides some comradery, a place to go and a place to socialize," said Holly Lange, President and CEO of the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging.

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