Blind dog and brother head to new home

NORTHERN LIBERTIES - November 25, 2013

An image of the sleeping 8-month-old brothers went viral online last week as no-kill shelter Operation Ava out of Northern Liberties searched for a family to adopt them. And now they've found one with Jonathan Hochman and Veronica McKee of Springfield, Delaware County.

Jonathan tells us, "Since we don't have kids of our own, it's nice to have four legged kids in house."

You see, the bond between these dogs is special. Jeffrey is blind and Jermaine acts as his guide. They were abandoned in West Philadelphia in October. More than 10,000 inquiries came in to the shelter to adopt the pair.

Operation Ava CEO Claudia Gutierrez says it was critical to find a family willing to adopt both puppies, but they were also looking for a special connection.

Claudia Gutierrez, the CEO of Operation Ava, says, "It really was just a gut instinct. We saw them together and we were like, this is the family that [it] just needs to be."

Veronica McKee says, "I saw the picture and thought what everybody else thought - that's the cutest thing I've ever seen. But then I realized, despite all their special needs we could nurture that bond, provide them with the environment they needed."

The family is overjoyed with these new additions, but perhaps a bit skeptical is the couple's 13-year-old cat, Blabbus.

"We were just discussing that this is her birthday and this probably is not the present she's looking for," Veronica said with a laugh.

A little sibling rivalry aside, the future looks bright for this duo.

This isn't the last you're going to hear of these popular pups. They're staying connected on Twitter and on Facebook so you can follow their progress with their new family.

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