Limoncello helps prep for the holidays

November 28, 2013

A family of Sicilian immigrants in Chester Springs shared one of their family's holiday favorites with us. They just happen to be using one amazing piece of pasta making equipment to bring it to the table this year.

Paul Mingrino is the executive chef of Limoncello Restaurant in Chester Springs. He says it's sort of the Rolls Royce of fresh pasta makers.

"I believe we paid $28,000 for this. This is a top of the line machine," he said.

Action News was there as this imported machine cranked out fresh gemelli and miles of linguine.

It uses the classic ingredients: eggs, flour and water and in mere moments the fresh pasta is ready to roll. Mingrino shared a classic Italian holiday favorite, linguine pescatore. It's a favorite for Christmas Eve and the feast of the seven fishes. It included mussels, clams, calamari, shrimp, scallops, fresh lobster tail, and as always some fresh basil.

Mingrino says a trick to get the shellfish to cook quickly and consistently is to put a lid on top the pan to create a steaming effect because it "helps the clams open real fast."

In addition to their location in Chester Springs, the Mingrino family has another Limoncello location in West Chester.

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