Shoppers stay local for Small Business Saturday

COLLINGSWOOD, N.J. - November 30, 2013

Haddon Avenue in Collingswood, New Jersey looked like a holiday shoppers' dream.

The novelty of a small town is exactly what "Shop Small" is bringing back.

Candy Jar owner Laurie Cohen agrees.

"I remember from the last two years it was wonderful," said Cohen.

In 2010 a push to shop in small community based stores as opposed to big box stores the day after Black Friday began and it continues to grow.

Collingswood's holiday parade coincides with the day.

"People generously spend on Small Business Saturday because they feel good about the impact it has on the economy," said Morgan Robinson, Frugal.

"We kind of avoid doing the Black Friday Toys R Us and stuff like that," said Sabrina Mckerney.

Over the river in Chestnut Hill, store owners displayed the 'Shop Small' pledge on signs and on welcome mats.

Like in Collingswood, they have benefited greatly and this is now a tradition.

Businesses like those on Girard Avenue are new so this is their first Small Business Saturday. They're banking on the success the day has had around the country and hope it brings more customers to them too.

"We have all of these great places, they employ people, they drive the economy, they are the center of commerce in their area," said Mayor Michael Nutter.

Mayor Nutter carried the 'Shop Small' message to Fishtown.

New businesses like NicNacs4Peanuts and Street Glitter Gallery welcome the extra holiday push.

"We're hoping today kicks off a holiday spending spree, people treating themselves to gifts," said Tammy Horviath and Casey Lynch, co-owners of Street Glitter Gallery.

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