Elderly couple's life savings stolen in Media

MEDIA, Pa. - December 18, 2013

Jack Oakes and his wife Marie came home from shopping Monday to find their back door had been broken open.

"She walked in. She started screaming 'somebody's in the house,'" Oakes said.

The couple immediately ran upstairs to check on a safe that was bolted to the floor in their closet.

It contained their jewelry and life savings.

The door had been pried off.

"It was smashed and open. It was broken open," Oakes said.

And it was cleaned out of $4,500.

That was money they used for day to day living expenses and money they had saved for Christmas gifts.

"Our future. Everything we had was in there," Oakes said.

Investigators believe the theft may be connected to an incident a couple of days earlier.

Court documents reveal the Oakes called police on a 19-year-old neighbor who was allegedly throwing ice balls against the side of their house.

The police say they found the kid drunk and they had to Taser him after he allegedly tackled one of the officers to the ground.

The Oakes were burglarized the same day the teen made bail.

The theft, just before Christmas, was bad timing for the Oakes, but would have been devastating anytime.

"Anytime of the year, it's difficult to handle," Oakes said.

The Oakes are only hoping whoever took their money hasn't spent it all before he's caught.

They're hoping witnesses will come forward who may have seen a stranger leaving their house by the front door Monday afternoon.

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