Fake it 'til you make it

December 18, 2013

For your Home:

  • Candles are an easy way to transform the ambiance in any room. Your guest will love these Gilded Amberleaf Candles from The Papery of Philadelphia. Found at their new location in Mid-Town village, these 100% natural soy beeswax candles are warm, inviting and will make your home smell delicious in no time. Gilded Amberleaf Candles, $18.95 Large/$9.95 Small, www.paperyofphilly.com
  • Another quick trick is to fan out holiday napkins like for an impressive hors devours presentation they won't be able to resist.
  • Personalized cards and dish descriptions are also an easy way to make your table settings look festive and formal. Simply purchase some blank cards and use a colored sharpie, such as this one from CVS, to write out each guest's name.

The Prep:
You don't have to spend hours in the kitchen to achieve that "fresh from the oven" look. These DIY tricks for disguising those store bought items are sure to fool even your toughest critic.

  • Dip Bread Bowl: For an easy appetizer, simply transfer a store bought dip into a freshly carved bread bowl to give it that homemade hearty look. Look for a hardy bread loaf such as sourdough.
  • "Homemade" Pie: Then, for dessert, take store bought pumpkin pie to a new level by adding your own frosting and nutmeg for an unexpected taste of the season. This simple trick will add that homemade look and feel to your disguised pie.

The Look:
In the midst of all that prepping and decorating, it's hard to pull together the picture perfect look for your holiday gathering. Every haute hostess should make a list and check it twice for these slimming wardrobe pieces that are sure to make them the center of attention.

  • Built-in Shapewear - Forget the SPANX, I'm loving these dresses with built in shape wear. They are certainly are the hottest new item for hiding those extra holiday pounds. This piece from Project Gravitas will keep you looking slender even if you don't have time to hit the gym! The Audrey Dress, $395, www.projectgravitas.com/

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