DA: Malvern attorney illegally sold wine from home

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January 13, 2014 2:27:36 PM PST
An attorney from Malvern, Pa. is accused of importing and selling high-end wine, without a liquor license, from his home.

In a news release issued Monday morning, the Chester County District Attorney's office said more than $150,000 worth of wine was seized from the suspect, 49-year-old Arthur David Goldman.

Investigators say Goldman imported a collection of high-end wine that was not available for sale in Pennsylvania and sold the wine to a private list of customers.

"He made those wines available for sale to his own private list of customers knowing that it was illegal. This was not some casual exchange of wine between friends - the defendant was running a highly organized, high-volume illegal business operation to make money," said First Assistant District Attorney Michael Noone in the news release.

The investigation began with a tip in March, 2013 and, investigators say, an undercover state police trooper was able to make multiple wine purchases from Goldman.

Investigators served a search warrant on January 6th and allegedly seized 2,426 bottles of wine.

Goldman was charged with multiple misdemeanors and faces a fine of up to $200,000.