Neighbors helping neighbors without power

BALA CYNWYD, Pa. - February 7, 2014

Neighbors in Bala Cynwyd say it is the random acts of kindness that light the way as many people wait for the electric to come back on.

"My husband and I looked around and all the power was out," said Robyn Beratan.

Many people have faced darkness for several days wondering how long the power would be out and how they were going to keep warm, get a hot meal or a hot shower.

"I felt bad that anybody should have to stay in a house that is so cold, and the more the merrier," said Shari Marder.

Shari Marder and her family never lost power. They have known Robyn Beratan and her family for many years and decided they were not going to leave them out in the cold. So she invited them to stay with her family.

"I would hope somebody would do it for me," said Marder. "We would open our house to anybody, but it has been fun to have friends around."

The Beratans have five boys and two dogs, the Marders have two kids and one dog. With everyone together, the house looked more like the opening scene from the "Home Alone" movie.

"Oh yeah, they're all running around, and they are drive us a little bit batty," said Marder.

The sign over the kitchen says "Welcome to Grand Central Station"; they weren't kidding.

"We were kind of happy they went back to school today," said Beratan.

Not to far away at the Whole Foods Market in Jenkintown, local residents experienced another random act of kindness.

The store, which also lost power after the storm, was running on generator power, but the manager decided to invite everyone in for a warm dinner.

Whole Foods prepared 400 pounds of pasta, salads and drinks for families without power.

"We know how it is to be without power," said manager Dana Mensah. "It's a really good place for people to come and meet up with friends and let some of the stress go for an hour or two."

"It is a great effort on the park of Whole Foods to do such a thing. I congratulate them," said John McGill of Abington.

"I think it's a wonderful idea for those of us who eat healthy and it is one less meal we have to buy out," said JoAnn West of Elkins Park.

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