Gala Flamenca at the Kimmel Center

February 16, 2014 "We'll have guitarists on stage, men and women dancing with each other, says Jay Wahl, Artistic Director at the Kimmel Center, there are these gorgeous painted silk gypsy dresses, these hand- painted shawls and fans castanets."

In folk tradition, Wahl says the Flamenco dance tells a story. "It carries with it this history of the emotional people from Spain but how they survive and work together and form relationships."

While the art of the flamenco dance dates back hundreds of years, this performance is contemporary with modern instruments and lighting. "The energy the fire the history of this entire nation of people is out on the stage but it's interpreted for today," explains Wahl, "You're going to see lots of different approaches with these 4 dancers. They'll take turns, they'll work together, they'll work in different partnerships, and I think it will give you a lot of opportunities to take perspectives on the way Flamenco can be interpreted."

And he says the show is designed for the entire family, "The emotion in which the movement and the sound of the castanets will really translate to all ages." Gala Flamenca will be at the Merriam Theater on March 2nd at 7pm.

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