Don Tollefson bail reduced to $10,000

WARMINSTER, Pa. - February 19, 2014

The Bucks County District Attorney said Tollefson solicited funds on behalf of charities including the Special Olympics of Pennsylvania, the Salvation Army and the Brad Fox Foundation, then kept the money for himself.

"I was hurt. I was really hurt. He proclaimed to be a friend," said Thomas Fox, Ofc. Fox's father.

The 61-year-old Tollefson worked for several Philadelphia radio and TV stations including Channel 6 more than two decades ago.

Investigators say he used his celebrity to sell packages to sporting events including the Eagles for hundreds of dollars.

"Obviously he should have to go to jail for doing what he did but he should have to pay back every penny that he took for everybody," said Fox.

Prosecutors say the alleged thefts from more than 100 people took place over the course of three years. Investigators are asking anyone else who may have been victimized to call Warminster Township police.

"If you're a member involved in a charitable organization and have any sort of involvement with Mr. Tollefson, please come forward and call the Warminster Township Police so we can at least look into your situation," said Ryan Hyde, Deputy District Attorney.

Action News was in Warminster Tuesday morning as Tollefson arrived for his arraignment before Magisterial District Judge Daniel J. Finello, Jr.

He was charged with felony theft and dealing in the proceeds of unlawful activity as well as misdemeanor violations of state law governing charities.

In court, Tollefson said he was 131 days sober after a substance abuse problem and he was in a treatment program.

His attorney would only say there was no criminal intent.

"I really think he's on the mend and I think he recognizes that he needs to put people in positions where they're whole again," said Michael McGovern, attorney.

Tollefson was originally being held on 10% of $250,000 bail, but a judge Wednesday reduced the bail to $10,000 and allowed Tollefson to put up his home as collateral.

The charges filed Tuesday are the latest in a series of fraud allegations linked to the former sportscaster.

Last month a Montgomery County judge ordered Tollefson to reimburse two of many alleged fraud victims, a couple who did not receive promised plane tickets to last year's Super Bowl.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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