Hero's escort for 3-year-old battling cancer

SPRINGFIELD, Pa. - February 18, 2014

There was applause as Jackie and Jason Chandler arrived with their son Brayden to Philadelphia International Airport, after a week-long "Make-A-Wish Foundation" vacation to Disney World in Florida.

The foundation arranged for a stretch limo to bring Brayden and his family home as lines of people waved and cheered along the way.

The family say they were absolutely breathless to see so many police and fire rescue teams there to greet them and personally escort them home with sirens blaring.

"He got a little overwhelmed, he told the driver to stop beeping," said Jason Chandler.

Three-year-old Brayden was diagnosed with a kidney tumor in January 2013. Doctors recently told the family that there is nothing more they can do and urged them to enjoy their time with their little boy.

Brayden's Buddies, the family's Facebook page, went viral all over the world.

The motorcade, seen from Chopper 6 HD, stretched over a mile long as it made its way to the Chandler home in Springfield.

"We heard there was going to be a police escort. But I don't think we knew the extent of how many police cars were going to be involved," said Jackie Chandler.

When they got to Route 420 in Prospect Park, the motorcade, organized by the Fraternal Order of Police, passed under a large American flag set up by Delaware County firefighters.

As the procession reached the Chandler home just before 6:00 p.m., hundreds of well-wishers were waiting to greet the family.

"We really appreciate it. Now is the time for prayers. Miracles can happen, and we're hoping for a miracle," said Jackie.

As the Chandler family moves forward on their difficult journey, they ask for continued prayers for Brayden.

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