How would you make AEDs more visible?

UNIVERSITY CITY; February 20, 2014

They've launched a nationwide contest to make A-E-D's, or automated external defibrillators, more noticeable.

It buildings on the success of the 2012 MyHeartMap Challenge, which used crowdsourcing to locate and map AEDs in Philadelphia. More than 1500 were located during the contest, with even more found since then.

There are cash prizes for the winners.

Doctor Raina Merchant and her group put these seats, which spell out "# A-E-D," into 30th street station, to inspire ideas.

She's turning to the public instead of pro-designers for two reasons.

"Why not get everybody thinking about how to make these devices more noticeable and memorable. and in the process of coming up with designs, they may actually start to notice where AEDs are," says Dr. Merchant, in Penn Medicine's Department of Emergency Medicine.

Penn has partnered with Amtrak to help raise awareness of the AEDs on mass transit.

Designs already submitted are posted on the website

Anyone can upload their own or vote for their favorite.

The installation at Amtrak's 30th Street Station continues till the end of March.

The contest itself ends April sixth.

Of course, the big prize is helping to save lives.

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