BUTI workout promises to tone and lean body

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - February 21, 2014

It's the called the BUTI workout, but it's not what you may think. BUTI comes from an Indian word meaning "the cure to something hidden or secret."

It's part yoga, part plyometrics and part tribal dance.

The 45 minute Buti class is now being held at Flaunt Fitness in South Philadelphia and promises a full-body workout.

Instructor Ali McBride says the jumping and dancing will get your heart rate up and the variations to standard yoga poses will work parts of your body other exercises may not reach.

"Most people that take the class say that they feel it in muscles that they didn't even know that they had," she says.

McBride says the class is for every woman from beginner to advanced and she can modify moves.

The goal is have fun and get fit. "I would definitely say to leave any inhibitions that you have at the door," McBride says.

The workout costs $10 per class.

For more information about the BUTI workout, visit: www.butiyoga.com

To sign up for classes at Flaunt Fitness (www.flauntfitness.net) email phillybuti@gmail.com

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