Downed poles, wires cause power outages in Glenolden

GLENOLDEN, Pa. - February 21, 2014

Delaware County authorities are trying to determine whether the storms caused three telephones poles to be knocked down and fall on a house in Glenolden.

It happened just after 2:30 p.m. on Academy Avenue near South Avenue.

At least one witness reported lightning hitting a Verizon telephone pole and knocking over two other poles.

Electric and cable wires could be seen holding up a utility pole from 86-year-old Louis Maroney back door. The pole almost sliced through his roof, and the cable wires were hanging so low he could not pull his car into his driveway.

"We heard this loud noise, like thunder and then everything went out. The electric went out and we saw this pole in my yard," said Maroney.

According to neighbors, Maroney's pole was the last of three on Academy Avenue to crash down.

Witnesses say the first snapped like a twig, the second pole followed as the third came down along with cable wires that smashed on top of some parked cars.

Neighbors blame everything from lightning to the wind.

Close to 1,600 residents lost power. PECO says it was restored within two hours.

Crews arrived by late evening with new poles and worked to clean up the mess.

Maroney was told by PECO that it was safe to stay in his home Friday night. He feels lucky he was not seriously injured.

"Very lucky," said Maroney. "I could be in a motel tonight, or a hospital."

PECO says they have de-energized the lines and re-routed service so the people in the neighborhood could have power.

Verizon owns the poles and are responsible for replacing them before PECO can complete the work.

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