Suspects sought in smash, grab jewelry robbery in Ardmore

ARDMORE, Pa. - February 22, 2014

It happened at a Govberg Jewelers at 65 Saint James Place in the Suburban Square Mall in Ardmore just before 6:30 p.m.

It appears no one was seriously injured but the men caused a lot of damage right before closing in this upscale shopping center.

Crews began cleaning up shattered glass and broken jewelry displays after the suspects smash their way through the upscale jewelry store.

Only our Action News camera was there minutes after robbers went to work inside Govberg Jewelry store in Ardmore taking out displays and sending fear through Suburban Square Shopping Center.

"I was actually trying on a watch and the next thing you know we heard the gentleman at the front say, 'Oh no, oh no,'" said Jordan Rambo.

The security guard said the suspects used a taser to take him down.

Police say the robbers used a giant plumber's wrench to smash the front displays, grabbing high end rings and watches before taking off.

During the chaos, employees ran for cover.

Customer Jordan Rambo's only concern was protecting his wife.

"She went underneath one of the jewelry cases and I followed behind her. I just kind of laid on top of her to make sure she was okay. Everyone was pretty much silent, and we wanted them to do what they needed to do," said Rambo.

Police rushed to the scene and scoured the area looking for clues. They found a bloody trail behind the business including a stained jewelry stand and a glove. Everything was taken into evidence.

Police say the jewelry store had plenty of surveillance cameras and are hoping to gather more evidence from the video.

Police were also able to get surveillance video of the thieves running away from the Apple Store next door.

"It was difficult experience," said Rambo. "We're lucky that we walked away with no scrapes."

Police have not released any of the surveillance video.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Lower Merion Police.

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