Temple student hit by stray bullet in North Philadelphia

NORTH PHILADELPHIA - February 23, 2014

The incident started around 2:30 a.m. Sunday at The Let Out located in the 1600 block of Cecil B. Moore Avenue. Several people were inside celebrating a birthday party.

Police say a 25-year-old man got into an argument with another club patron. Club security guards arrived and threw the man out of the building.

Authorities say the man went home and returned to the club brandishing an automatic handgun.

The security guards forced the armed man out of the club and into the street. That's when, police say, the man exchanged gunfire with the security guards.

"I heard 'pop pop' then all of a sudden there was a 'pop pop pop' then within five minutes there were sirens everywhere," said Earl Brown.

Apparently one bullet traveled more than a block hitting a Temple student at 15th and Cecil B Moore. News traveled quickly as the university sent out an alert to students.

"We were informed someone was grazed by a bullet over on 15th and Cecil and that they were investigating," said Brian Cordova, student.

The student who was hit was treated and released from the hospital.

Student Erica Smith, a friend of the victim, says the incident hit home for her.

"It's fortunate that he's still alive and it's only a graze wound. You hear of these things happening all the time but never to anyone you know, so that's what scared me most," said Smith.

The disgruntled patron reportedly ditched his gun and fled in a car.

Police say a short time later, he showed up across town at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania with a gunshot wound to the knee. He is expected to be charged.

Sorting out the situation, police disarmed the security guards and took them in for questioning. It was not clear if they have permits to carry firearms.

In the meantime residents and students alike say the threat of random gun violence is a fact of life for them.

"Yea I think about it. This is North Philadelphia, even though its Temple's campus, it's still dangerous," said Sydney Purnell, resident.

"There are so many police around here. It's a safe place for the most part but things happen," said Tim Hojnoski, student.

Meanwhile the incident remains under investigation.

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