Tollefson's storage lockers auctioned off to highest bidder

NORTHERN LIBERTIES - February 24, 2014

Tollefson, a former sports anchor for several local stations including Action News, is charged with stealing more than $100,000 meant for charity.

The lockers drew about two dozen people to an auction this morning. The content of those lockers, along with Tollefson's old Chevy Blazer, were up for sale after he fell behind on his rental payments.

Public Storage often holds auctions of the contents of lockers whose owners have fallen more than three months behind on their rental payments, and many of the people gathered outside the facility for today's auction are regulars.

A few of the bidders were drawn by news that two lockers and a car listed for sale today belonged to the former sportscaster.

Tollefson is currently in jail, facing theft charges for raising money on behalf of charities, but then failing to deliver.

Detectives searched the storage units last week.

Potential bidders signed in and then got a brief glance at the locker contents.

The first locker appeared to be filled mostly with cardboard boxes and trash, including an old jar of pasta sauce. The second held more boxes, along with some plaques, hockey sticks, batting helmets and a sign for the Sussex Cricket Club.

Dreams of autographed jerseys and other valuable sports memorabilia quickly disappeared.

The trash-filled locker sold for $175. The locker with the hockey sticks went for $600.

Neither buyer wanted to discuss their purchases with Action News.

The last of Tollefson's items sold Monday was a Chevy Blazer. It was being sold without a title or keys, but the broken windshield still held a press sticker from 2002. The car sold for $100.

Tollefson is due back in court on March 6, 2014.

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