Crozer-Keystone Health System to lay off 250 workers

UPLAND, Pa. - February 27, 2014

Those layoffs will include physicians and "a significant number of managers," according to a statement from the company.

Crozer-Keystone blamed 'changes in health care,' which it says contributed to a $15.7 million loss since July 1st.

"We know that this is a difficult time for our health system. We regret the impact that this reduction will have on the lives of our employees," said the statement, sent by Grant Gegwich, Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing.

The statement from Crozer-Keystone blamed the following factors for the loss:

-Admissions are down. The shift continues to be away from inpatient care to observation status, as dictated by our payers.

-The state continues to decrease funding and failed to expand Medicaid, preventing an increase in the number of patients who have access to insurance.

-There was a slow start to the Federal Insurance Exchange. We have not seen the anticipated volume of patients signing up for insurance.

-The federal government continues to decrease funding.

-Payers have cut reimbursements.

-The demographics of our community continue to change from patients with commercial insurance to patients with no insurance or Medicaid. Average Medicaid reimbursement is less than half of commercial payers.

Crozer-Keystone said it had tried a number of other moves to cut costs, but none of those moves were enough to avoid the layoffs.

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