Resident: City not doing enough to cleanup snow

PHILADELPHIA - March 5, 2014

"This has been here for three weeks. I have personally shoveled all this so the kids will not have to damage or hurt themselves so they can get to the classroom," said Gregory Upshaw of Hunting Park.

The overpass is a slippery walk to school for the students of Cayuga Elementary.

"Last week they were walking in the streets, kids shouldn't have to walk in the streets to get to school," said Upshaw.

Upshaw, a community volunteer, told Action News he personally pulls out his own shovel after each snow storm, and clears the walk himself.

"Every day our kids come past this during the winter and they slip and fall because no one takes the responsibility of maintaining this bridge," he said.

Mayor Michael Nutter and Philadelphia Streets Department Commissioner Dave Perry have made a major push this winter for residents and businesses to clean their own property.

Mayor Nutter picked up a shovel himself this winter to stress the importance of clean walkways while the streets department has started handing out $50 tickets for people who fail to properly shovel their walks clean of snow.

So why isn't the city cleaning up its own property?

Well, the streets department told Action News that they did clear the sidewalk Upshaw complained about after Monday's storm and again on Tuesday.

However we found parts of the walkway were still covered in snow and ice on Tuesday.

The good news is, after Action News got involved, city crews did show up to shovel.

"I've called every official in the city pertaining to this issue and no one seems to have rectified it. I want the city officials to be responsible and come and do the maintenance on this bridge so our kids can be safe going past," said Upshaw.

Meanwhile, the city is still saying to call 311 if you see a sidewalk that needs to be cleared.

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