Best buys at the dollar store

BROOMALL, Pa. - April 10, 2014

First on her list, holiday decorations.

She says, "The dollar store is the first place that I go to shop for Easter decorations and Christmas decorations because there's alwys such variety and it's hard to beat one dollar.

The store did have a huge assortment of eggs, baskets, Easter grass, stuffed bunnies, window decorations and more.

Next, we checked out my favorite section -- greeting cards. While card shops and drug stores routinely charge three or more dollars a card, here we found cards for every occasion for just $.50 each.

And as Ehret pointed out, most people toss greeting cards after reading them, so why spend big bucks? In addition to greeting cards, the dollar store usually has the best deals on gift bags and party goods.

Ehret says, "The first place i go to when i'm planning a birthday party is the dollar store, because there's so much variety and selection." And again, paper goods are another item that use and throw away.

Dollar stores also have great deals on cosmetics and personal care items. We found several familiar name brands.

And Ehret added, "With cosmetics, i found coupons that would get some of these for free. There's a Maybelline coupon for eyeliner. And Wet'nWild, you can use that on any Wet'nWild product."

Ehret's other can't miss spot is the container aisle, for both organizing and food storage products. The selection is enormous, and comparable products are much pricier elsewhere.

We also found great deals in food, and again, because Dollar Tree accepts coupons, you can often get items, such as soup, for free.

Ehret posts Dollar Tree coupon matches, along with match-ups for several other stores, on her ChaChing on a Shoestring website.

And to find a Dollar Tree near you, click here.

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