Renovation competitors fight at Philadelphia fire scenes

PHILADELPHIA - March 14, 2014

That is the accusation against some restoration companies in our area.

A fire breaks out almost daily in the Philadelphia area, and in addition to the tragedy of countless injuries and the possibility of lives lost, there is the millions of dollars in property damage.

In Philadelphia, the competition to renovate a property is becoming increasingly fierce, sometimes interfering with the efforts of firefighters at the scene of a fire.

"The Chief Fire Marshal and the Assistant Fire Marshal have become aware of Restoration companies' people impeding the scene," said Captain Clifford Gilliam.

Earlier in the week in Logan, firefighters were forced to call police to the scene of a house fire after a fight broke out between two competing renovation companies.

Action News was there as police took some of the men into custody.

Police say men from Guardian Renovations and CPR Renovations were taken in for questioning but were later released without being charged.

Both companies declined to comment.

Increasing problems with renovation companies at fire scenes have raised concerns at Philadelphia Fire Headquarters.

"So the Chief Fire Marshal has been briefing the Company officers and Chief Officers on actions that he would like them to do to maintain that scene until the Fire Marshal can conduct their investigation," said Captain Gilliam.

Fire officials are in the process of compiling data on the number of incidents involving renovations firms at fire scenes. They expect to draw up firm actions to maintain security at fire scenes with the assistance of police if necessary.

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