Saving with 6abc: Site helps neighbors connect, save

WYNNEWOOD, Pa. - March 24, 2014

But now that so many people are out of the house and at work all day, that's harder to do.

And that's where the website Nextdoor comes in.

Vincenzo Nelli, of Wynnewood, Pa., who used it to organize a yard sale with neighbors on his block, says it's a great resource for saving -- and even making -- money.

"Nextdoor is a cross between Facebook and Craigslist," he explains.

The site is free, but to join, you need to provide your address and use your real name. Then you're assigned to your neighborhood group.

That limits who can post and see what you've posted.

Nelli says, "I like the idea of a neighborhood site more because you kind of know who it's going to. You can kind of trust the people in your neighborhood."

Members within the group can share all sorts of information.,such as referrals for trusted contractors, so you don't get ripped off, or items for sale and freeibes as well.

"There's a classified section and there's a recommendations section. There's a crime and news section," Nelli says, adding, "People are always posting stuff for sale, or to give away, on Nextdoor as well."

Thanks to Nextdoor, the yard sale on Nelli's block was a big success.

He explains, "A neighbor of mine sold a poster-sized photo of him riding a mechanical bull. So it just goes to prove that people will come out and buy anything."

To learn more about Nextdoor and see if there's a group in your neighborhood, click here.

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