Aramark launches global initiative in North Philadelphia


Wednesday was Aramark's first Global Community Service Day. "We've long held the tradition of community service but today really marks a renewed effort to bring about Aramark's forces and our manpower," said Harry Carpenter, Aramark COO.

More than 400 Aramark employees came out to transform the Lighthouse Community Center into a place that will better serve the neighborhood.

Volunteers busied themselves making repairs and painting inspirational murals in playrooms and around the indoor pool.

"Aramark is here, helping us figure out ways for us to get kids in a safe place to play. But also in a healthy place where they can learn how to eat right and make better choices for their food," said John Lavery, Executive Director of Lighthouse Community Center.

Volunteers constructed planters for a rooftop produce garden.

North Philadelphia is part of the second poorest district in the nation. Many working families in the neighborhood lack access to fresh and healthy food.

Here children will learn the origins of food and how to grow their own.

Chefs and dieticians will work with the very young and their parents, teaching them good eating habits. Plus the center's food pantry is being renovated to double its size.

"We are a company of people and a company of service and we're very passionate about both so it's the least we can do to bring folks together who really want to serve and give back," said Carpenter.

Simultaneously volunteer events are being held in 10 other cities including New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Dublin.

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