Drivers killed in Buckingham Twp. crash ID'd

BUCKINGHAM TWP., Pa. - March 21, 2014

They are 30-year-old Nicole Bereshny-Ott of Hatfield and 50-year-old Yan Zou of Jamison.

The crash happened just before 7:30 a.m. Friday on York Road near Byecroft Road, about one mile from Central Bucks East High School.

Stuart Abramson, who lives across from where the crash occurred, ran to see what happened. He says, "Immediately, just a ball of flames. The flames had to be 30 feet high."

Police are still investigating but believe Bereshny-Ott, who was driving a Lincoln, and Zou, who was driving a Toyota, crashed when one of the vehicles crossed the center line and both collided.

Police were not sure which direction each car was travelling.

The impact was severe, and the ensuing flames were fierce.

Several people driving by stopped and attempted to pull the drivers out of their vehicles - and first responders tried as well - but the fire was just too hot and both drivers died at the scene.

Abramson says, "At least four men tried to help, and it was just impossible. The cars exploded. And the flames, as I said, were just horrendous."

Midway Fire Chief Hugh Hager tells us, "It was a severe impact, and there was no getting them out. They were trapped in there, even if they had been able to access the doors they probably wouldn't have been able to get them out anyway."

Neighbors are saddened by the deaths, but not surprised. State records for a 1,000 foot stretch of this curving roadway show there has been a reportable accident about every four months for the last five years.

Abramson says authorities have ignored his pleas.

He tells us, "I've called PennDOT, I've called our local police, and nobody will do anything about lowering the speed. There are constant accidents here, and other fatalities in the past. Maybe now something will be done."

The posted speed limit at the scene is 40 miles per hour. One PennDOT official who spoke to Action News says he is checking his records but did not recall being called about this particular stretch of highway. However, given the tragic events of today, he indicated that PennDOT would be glad to take an informal look at this stretch of road.

The investigation continues into what exactly led to the crash.

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