Concert benefit held for Ewing explosion victims

EWING, N.J. - March 22, 2014

The Temporaries band brought music to the ears of many still reeling form the March 14th gas explosion.

The music lifted spirits during the South Forks Ewing Benefits Concert.

The concert comes three weeks after the tragedy that killed one person and injured seven others.

Several homes were left damaged and destroyed from the explosion.

Some residents will not be able to move back into their homes until at least two years.

Lorraine DeSouza, President Homeowner Association said, "Even the other residents on the street that were not affected are amazed how loved we it's great."

They are doing everything to make these residents feel good by raising money for short term needs and their long term needs as well.

Organizer, Jonathon Savage said, " this point over $200,000 has been donated by the community and some corporate partners. Our goal is to get to $350,000."

The money raised Saturday will go to the fifty-five families impacted

Savage organized the event with the help of Amy Otey.

She said, "What we wanted to do was show our community that we cared about them and we are a community that is strong.''

Tara Jones, one of the explosion victims stated, "I understand the giving part but to have it come back is phenomenal, it's an amazing feeling."

Victims like the Jones family who lost everything are grateful for the help and to have a chance to see her kids have some fun after losing it all.

"We are smiling because it's him, it's who he is and he hasn't had it in a long's going to be okay," added Tara."

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