Lockdown lifted at Chester High School after reported shooting outside

CHESTER, Pa. - March 31, 2014

The school was briefly put under lockdown, and police continue to search for a victim and a scene.

Delaware County authorities received phone calls around 8:00 a.m. Monday of a possible shooting outside the school.

Parents like Jeannette Santiago rushed to the campus after her daughter texted her.

"I got a text saying they was huddled in corners and stuff," Santiago explained. "When they locked it down I hurried up and went in there and got my daughter. Like, this is ridiculous. This don't make no sense."

Chester Police Commissioner Joseph Bail tells us, "As a precaution the deputy commissioner responded, put the school on lockdown, we began a floor-by-floor search with the high school personnel. At this point, the school is clear."

Police zeroed in on an area several blocks from the school around 8th and Parker and Fulton streets.

They continue to interview witnesses including a crossing guard and several students.

"There are no shooters inside, and we are continuing our sector search and also we've notified the hospitals," the commissioner said.

According to the commissioner the people interviewed heard something. It's not clear if anyone saw anything.

Police say the interviews are ongoing.

No one at the school was shot, according to officials.

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