Action News debuts new video wall and Crystal City

March 31, 2014

The studio has a fresh, new look and a major part of it is the massive monitor wall behind the anchor desk. It is all the result of a very busy weekend here at Action News.

The work began early Saturday morning. First, the old set pieces had to come down, and then work began on the new video wall.

Custom columns used for mounting the monitors were slid into place. Then, one-by-one, it started to take shape.

After hours of careful measuring and placement, the last monitor was finally installed.

It's much more than just a scenic addition.

6abc President and General Manager Bernie Prazenica explains, "This is all about enhancing the viewer experience. This is a great storytelling tool. This is going to give our people a chance to be better at conveying what the story is to our viewers. It's always about the viewers for us."

The massive video wall isn't the only new addition to the studio this week. Action News also unveiled a new look to our one-of-a-kind skyline that we call the "Crystal City." It's a work of art - all of the buildings are made from laser cut architectural glass.

Now they look more spectacular than ever, thanks to state-of-the-art LED lighting technology.

Ryan Ward from Light Action Productions tells us, "This is the newest technology of LED light source that they make. It's a pretty incredible thing."

We hope both the video wall and Crystal City will improve the Action News experience for all of you.

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